Yemen’s Ambassador to Tehran: UN administration of the negotiating, political and humanitarian file in Yemen is a failure

The Yemeni ambassador to Iran, Ibrahim Al-Dailami, said that the forces of aggression are using the Iranian interference in Yemen as a candle to continue their war and aggression against the Yemeni people six years ago.

Al-Dailami told Al-Masirah T.V. channel that “Everyone knows that Yemeni decision made in Sana’a, and the forces of aggression must realize that the entire Yemeni people are in the battle to defend the sovereignty of Yemen.”

He pointed out that the Islamic Republic of Iran had several proposals on a ceasefire and left the Yemenis to negotiate with aggression without external interference.

He explained that the United Nations administration of the negotiating, political and humanitarian file in Yemen is a failed administration, pointing out that regional organizations are biased towards the forces of aggression and are no longer fit to be the mediator for any negotiations. He added that the mistake was from the beginning when the United Nations entered as a party to the aggression and not as a mediator for the solution.

Al-Dailami indicated that Griffiths position is identical to the British position, and this stance leads to prolonging the war. He said that the United Nations is talking about a comprehensive political path and then return to talking about fragmentation of solutions, and this is unacceptable, stressing that fragmentation of solutions is a major reason for prolonging the aggression, as happened in the Stockholm Agreement.

“The United Nations is one of the most important reasons for the continuation of the aggression, and the performance of its envoy to Yemen is suspicious, and it is not suitable for solving any problem in the world, especially in Yemen”, Al-Dailami said.

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