Constant breaches of the Swedish agreement ,air strikes on several provinces


The American Saudi-led coalition aggression coalition mercenaries continued committing breaches in Hodeidah province while the aggression warplanes waged 34 airstrikes on five provinces in the last 24 hours.

The aggression forces committed 91 violations, including the flight of six warplanes over the sky of 50th, al-Faza, Hays, Kilo 16, and al-Mandhar area, and three spy planes over the sky of 50th and Jabaliya area in Hodeidah province, a military official said.

The breaches included 25 breaches with artillery shelling, including 110 shells, and 55 breaches with various bullets, the official added

The aggression forces targeted al-Dhebyani neighborhood and Engineering College with machine guns in Hodeidah city, he added.

The aggression forces set up a military bulldozer and developed combat fortifications west of Maghari village in Hays district in Hodeidah, the official said.

The aggression warplanes launched four raids on Ketaf district in Saada province, and five raids on al-Jar farms in Abs district in Hajjah province, and launched six raids on Majzar district in Marib province, he added .

The aggression warplanes launched seven raids on Khab Washaaf district in Jawf province, and launched 12 raids on Qania area and the districts of Natea and al-Suwadeyah in Bayda province, the official stated.


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