34 airstrikes on four governorates and 72 violations on the Hodeidah fronts

On Sunday, the US-Saudi aggression forces continued to launch dozens of airstrikes and commit more violations in Hodeidah.

A security source indicated that the aggression launched 11 air raids on the Majzar district, 3 air raids on the Mahlia district, and a strike on the Abediya district of Ma’rib governorate.

Meanwhile, eight raids targeted al-Labnat area in al-Hazm desert, and two raids were waged on Khabb-wa-Sha’af district. two raids on the Zahir district in Saada, 7 raids on the Qaniya area, and an airstrike on a village in Radman district in Al-Baydha governorate, which resulted in damage to several citizens ’homes.

As well as the Operations and Liaison Officers Operations Room for monitoring violations in Hodeidah province on Sunday recorded 72 violations by Saudi-led aggression forces in the province during the past 24 hours.

A source in the operation room told Saba that among the breaches was the flying of three warplanes in the airspace of al-Jabaliya area in al-Tuhita district and Hayes district.

He added that the aggression forces committed 19 breaches by firing 110 artillery shells and rockets and 50 breaches by shooting bullets from various machine-guns.

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