The aggression continues to detain 22 oil derivative ships: Oil Company


The American Saudi-led coalition is still holding 22 ships loaded with oil derivatives and preventing their access to the port of Hodeidah, the Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) said on Monday.

The held ships include 15 ships loaded with 419,789 tons of gasoline and diesel, four ships carrying mazut (fuel oil) and three ships loaded with domestic gas, the company confirmed in a statement.

The maximum detention period of the current ships reached 98 days, while in previous cases reached approximately five months, the statement indicated

The company considered this detention an explicit violation of the provisions of the International Convention on Human Rights and the rules of international humanitarian law and all applicable laws and customs.

The factual data contradict completely with what was stated in the briefings of the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths before the Security Council on January 16 and October 22, 2019, in which he claimed that the fuel ships enter the port of Hodeidah without any obstacles, It affirmed.


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