Political and national Forces condemn holding oil ships: Report


Political and national Forces condemned the continuation of maritime piracy by Saudi-led aggression coalition against the fuel, food and medicine ships.

In a statement issued by the forces, Saba received , it denounced the negative role of the United Nations and its envoy to Yemen regarding the aggression coalition crimes against the Yemeni people.

The statement condemned the genocide committed by the aggression coalition against the Yemeni people for more than five years, the last of which was preventing  the detention of ships loaded with oil derivatives.

They held the aggression coalition fully responsible for preventing the entry of oil ships and the catastrophic humanitarian repercussions against the Yemeni people due to the stoppage of many vital facilities, services, industrial and economic in Yemen, including expanding the cycle of poverty and unemployment as well as spreading epidemics and diseases.

The Political and national Forces’s statement ” The move of the aggression is considered as Starvation and impoverishment strategy to spread the novel Coronavirus – Covid-19,  more among the Yemeni people ”.

They said ” such a move also indicates the United Nations is a participant in starving the Yemeni people and complicit with the aggression, aimed at collecting much money under the name of the Yemeni people as happened in the donors’ conference in Riyadh.

As the Ministry of Public Health and Population has confirmed in a statement to (Saba)  that a health disaster awaits Yemenis in the coming days due to the negative  of the United Nations and the absence of its real role in Yemen

The ministry said also that the continued intransigence under the cover of the countries of US- Saudi-led coalition in the reservation of oil derivatives ships has created a major crisis in Yemen at all levels, especially the health sector.

The statement :

We at the Ministry of Public Health and Population would like to make it clear to the Yemeni people and to the international community that:

First: The average monthly consumption of the health sector in both government and private (2.594.230) liters two million and five hundred and ninety-four thousand and two hundred and thirty liters equivalent to 26 thousand tons.

Second: – The quantity currently available is only enough for a few days, which means that we will gradually close the services of hospitals (government and private) according to priority.

Third: With the Corona pandemic, the need has increased even further because we have to establish isolation centers and spraying needs for control, health awareness and others.

Fourth: The problem lies not only in the operation of hospitals, but the most serious in the ability of the patient to reach the hospital to receive the service, which became almost incapable of doing so with the lack of oil to operate the car that transports him to the health facility and here is the greatest danger where many patients resort to stay at home and die silently because of their inability to reach the facility.

Fifth: This crisis, which has been caused by the aggression, is an additional burden on the citizen by rising transport prices, and this generates other psychological problems and also leads to higher prices for many services, medicines and others as a result of this problem, all of which are a burden on the citizen.

In short, the general situations of the health sector under the US-Saudi-led aggression blockade pandemic and the denial of access to oil derivatives.

We in the Ministry of Health, as we condemn this action by the Coalition, hold, directly and mainly, the United Nations, its Secretary-General and its envoy to Yemen all the disastrous results that this blockade will cause, which have shown its bias towards the criminal.

We also warn of a real health disaster if the situation continues for days to come by stopping and closing many departments in most government and private hospitals, which will of course result in the deaths of thousands of health seekers.

As the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation condemned the Saudi aggression coalition’s detention of oil derivatives ships and prevented their entry into the port of Hodeidah

The Ministry said  that the  prevention entry of oil derivatives consider a dangerous indicator targeting all categories of the Yemeni people..pointing to agricultural production labor cessation it ,campaigns to fortify livestock and suspension transportation and agricultural marketing.

The statement affirmed that these repercussions led to a decline in local agricultural production and decline the food, health, and living levels, stressing that the oil derivatives are one of the main factors in increasing and efficiency of agricultural production

It confirmed  that the continued detention of oil ships and prevented them from unloading their cargo in the ports of Hodeidah reveals the aggressive brutality targeting the daily movement of citizens, institutions, and service sectors, including the agricultural sector, which has been negatively affected at the level of agriculture and farmers.

The statement said that the detention of oil derivatives ships comes at a time when the Ministry of Agriculture  with all concerned is seeking  to support efforts to improve food security levels and alleviate poverty.

The Ministry called on  the international community, the United Nations and all international organizations to stop the aggression, lift the blockade and allow the entry of oil derivatives, as well as assume its legal and humanitarian responsibilities towards  war crimes committed by the Coalition of Aggression and the flagrant violations of all international conventions and laws.

Meanwhile, Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammad Ali al-Houthi has affirmed that the economic and environmental impacts resulting from the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression and its allies are more harmful than any leakage that may occur from the floating tanker Safer, again he held the aggression countries against Yemen responsible for that.

Al-Houthi in his Twitter Account denounced the British role regarding Safer oil reservoir, “If you think that the fish species are more valuable for you than the Yemeni people, then you as the British confirm your absolute dependence on the US Foreign Ministry, which declared its concern over the Yemeni shrimp previously.” , While you, the US and Britain,  participated as two countries and officially declared the siege and killing of the Yemeni citizens by participating and leading the aggression against it. ”

What the aggression and the embargo did economically and environmentally in Yemen did more harm than any leakage that we had evacuated our responsibility for,” he added.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi criticized the British ambassador Michael Aron against the background of his statements during a symposium on a Safer tanker organized by the so-called  The Yemeni Coalition of Independent Women via the Zoom electronic platform.

Al-Houthi said ” You are not a policymaker, but a news and reports carrier,” noting that “peace in Yemen does not need to be detailed according to what the aggression countries want, nor can it come from seminars and conferences with non-actors on the part of the Republic of Yemen in Sanaa and the party of the aggression countries.”

The Supreme Political Council Member held the aggressive countries fully responsible for any catastrophic results regarding the floating tank for more than a year.

He said in tweets a week ago, “We abandoned our responsibility for any leakage that could occur in a Safer oil tanker, and we call for moving forward in negotiations on this issue seriously.”

Any disastrous will happen, God forbid, so we held the United States of America and the Saudi-led aggression countries the full responsibility for Safer’s issue because of the continuing blockade and not allowing the sale of oil stored in the Safer floating tanker, and we have previously held them the responsibility for that.

Previously, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi had tweeted in May and went on saying ” the US- British-Saudi- Emirati aggression countries and their allies are crying about the possibility of an oil leak from Safer that may kill marine life, while they are killing the people in Yemen.

Whoever falsely claims his keenness on marine life, let him implement what was presented about Safer’s oil tanker in the Comprehensive Solution Document, which represents a real solution, and the points are placed on the letters,” al-Houthi said.

The Comprehensive Solution Document included ending the war on Yemen proposed by the leadership of the Republic of Yemen in Sana’a on April 8, and it also included measures to ensure the safety of Safer, through a technical mission led by the United Nations to assess the conditions of it and make initial reforms and provide the necessary technical recommendations and perform maintenance repairs.

The Comprehensive Solution Document also included agreeing, in light of the technical team’s recommendations, on a plan to extract oil from the tanker in the safer ship, including the return of pumping oil to the tanker through a safer-Ras Issa pipeline.

As well as, the Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) said that Saudi-led aggression coalition is still holding 22 ships loaded with oil derivatives and preventing their access to the port of Hodeidah.

The company confirmed, in a statement, that the held ships include 15 ships loaded with 419,789 tons of gasoline and diesel, four ships carrying mazut (fuel oil) and three ships loaded with domestic gas.

The statement indicated that the maximum detention period of the current ships reached 98 days, while in previous cases reached approximately five months.

The company considered this detention an explicit violation of the provisions of the International Convention on Human Rights and the rules of international humanitarian law and all applicable laws and customs.

It affirmed that the factual data contradict completely with what was stated in the briefings of the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths before the Security Council on January 16 and October 22, 2019, in which he claimed that the fuel ships enter the port of Hodeidah without any obstacles.

For his part, the Minister of Oil and Minerals, Ahmed Abdullah Darras, directed  quickly to file a lawsuit against the Saudi-led aggression coalition in front of the local and international courts due to detaining oil tankers.

The move came during his meeting in Sanaa, to discuss the crisis of oil derivatives as a result of the ongoing siege imposed by the coalition against the oil ships.

The ministry stressed on the importance of including lawsuits the financial amounts related to delay penalties since the first ship was seized by the coalition, in addition to illegal amounts taken by the mercenaries.

Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf  called  the international community and organizations concerned to condemn the crimes and violations committed by the Saudi-Emirati aggression alliance in Yemen and pressure on countries of aggression to respect international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Minister Sharaf warned of the seriousness of the humanitarian disaster that suffered the Yemeni people as a result of the aggression and comprehensive blockade, and continuation of the alliance of aggression and its mercenaries the policy of starvation and the practices of collective punishment against the Yemeni people.

The statement called on the international community and human rights organizations to play their role and intervene to stop the arbitrary practices of aggressive coalition countries in seizing the ships of oil derivatives.

The Political and national Forces called on the missile force and armed drones of the army and the popular committees to respond appropriately to the continued detention of ships without any justification.

Source: Saba


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