Human Rights Ministry Condemns the US-Saudi Crime against al-Subia’an family in Marib

The Ministry of Human Rights condemned the crime of killing, burning and looting al-Subia’an family by US-Saudi mercenaries in Ma’rib governorate, which resulted in killing seven citizens and injuring others. In a statement issued by the Ministry of Human Rights, it put the full responsibility on the authorities in Marib for this crime, which is contrary to principles and human rights.

The Ministry warned against the approach adopted by the Islah party in exploiting its influence in these areas, calling on the international community, human rights organizations, and international organizations concerned with urgent intervention to stop the racist targeting by the Islah party against civilians in the areas under its control in Ma’rib governorate.

It emphasized that such crimes cannot be prescribed by statute of limitations. This crime is similar to the genocide committed by US-Saudi mercenaries in Taiz at the beginning of the aggression.

More crimes were committed in previous years in Abyan and Aden governorates under the direct supervision of the mercenaries of the aggression from the Islah Party.

The ministry pointed out that this crime and violation of human rights principles and rights will be placed on the table of the international community and the human rights and security councils to carry out their duties and humanitarian responsibilities in an optimal way.

They also should take deterrent legal measures against the perpetrators of this crime in a manner that reflects the actual application of fair human rights principles.

تليقرام انصار الله
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