Acting Governor of Hodeidah: weakness of the UN is what encourages aggression to commit more crimes

Acting Governor of Hodeidah Governorate, Mohammed Ayyash Quhaim, stressed that the weakness of the United Nations is what encouraged the brutal aggression to commit more crimes against the Yemeni people.

In a dialogue with ansarollah website, Quhaim said that the people of Hodeidah are living in a tragic situation with the continuation of the brutal blockade and the forces of aggression preventing oil derivatives ships from entering the port of Hodeidah, pointing out that the United Nations did not play its positive role.

Quhaim explained that the United Nations has not been able to enter convoys that have been prepared for those trapped in the city of Duraihmi for more than two years, despite its knowledge of the tragic situations and the severe suffering of the besieged families inside the city, and this weakness is what encouraged the aggression to commit more crimes.

Concerning the Sweden agreement, he stressed that the aggressive countries have not implemented essentially any item from the Sweden agreement on Hodeidah and are still disavowing the fulfillment of their commitment even though the national team has implemented all of its obligations in the agreement.

He blessed the fourth deterrence balance process, describing it as an effective treatment to respond to the brutal aggression alliance against Yemen and Yemenis.

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