Dozens airstrikes on the capital, Sana’a, a number of provinces


The American Saudi-led aggression coalition’s aircrafts escalated on Wednesday their air offensives, targeting seven Yemeni provinces with 48 air strikes over the past hours, security sources said.

The warplanes launched 21 raids on capital Sanaa distributed on Sanaa airport, separate areas in Thaoura, Shaaub, Wihda, Sabaain, Azal, and Bani al-Harith districts, the sources confirmed.

Four light bombs hit al-Haima district, two strikes targeted Arhab district and other two raids hit Sanhan district, the sources mentioned.

In Saada, the aircrafts launched four raids on al-Jumhouria camp, an air strike on al-Dhahirah and two ones hit a citizen’s home in al-Maqash area, leaving heavy damage to citizens’ homes and property.

In Marib, five raids hit al-Abdia and Mahlia districts and two others hit Salb area of Majzar district, the sources affirmed.

The fighter jets waged five strikes on Qania area of Bayda province, four raids on Khub Washaaf district in Jawf province and four ones hit Haradh and Medi districts of Hajjah province, the sources added.


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