Hajjah leadership ,the local authority condemn the crime of the aggression mercenaries against the Subia’an family


The local authority of Hajjah province on Wednesday strongly condemned pro-coalition Islah militias’ crime against Subia’an family in Marib province.

The hideous crime committed by the Takfiri militias loyal to Islah party, which resulted in the death of Sheikh Muhsen Subia’an and six of his brothers was deplored  by the local authority and leadership of Hajjah province in a statement.

The UN and human rights organizations bear full responsibility for their silence for such massacres, which are war crimes, calling the tribes and liberals of Yemen to the tribal paradoxes to curtail the killers and liberate the occupied areas from the occupiers and mercenaries, the statement confirmed.

The crime reveals the extent of the lawlessness and moral failure in the occupied territories, stressing the need to enhance cohesion in response to the aggression and its mercenaries, they pointed out.


قد يعجبك ايضا