The aggression continues detaining 22 oil ships: YPC director


The general director of the Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC), Ammar Al-Adrai, confirmed that the American Saudi-led coalition navy continues to detain 22 ships.

The aggression is seizing 15 ships carrying gasoline and diesel, four Mazut ships and three gas ships, Al-Adhari explained on Thursday evening

No shipment of the detained ships had arrived at the port of Hodeidah since May 23, 2020, in contrast to what was mentioned in a statement called the Aden Economic Committee, which spoke about the release of four ships, confirming the 40 days have passed since the last ship entered the port of Hodeidah, he reaffirmed.

He held the forces of aggression, the United Nations and the mercenary government responsible for preventing oil derivatives ships from reaching the port of Hodeidah.


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