Director of oil company: aggression releases only two ships that do not cover more than 5 days

The Yemeni Petroleum Company’s director, Ammar al-Adhrai, on Saturday said that the company will continue in the emergency plan because the fuel quantities in ships released by the US-Saudi aggression forces cover local needs for five days only.

Al-Adhrai told Al-Masirah TV channel that “the coalition forces released only two oil ships in order to prevent the embarrassment of the United Nations, especially since the detained ships are holding UN permits.

“The United Nations committees are considered one of the obstacles facing fuel ships because they deliberately delay them, and sometimes the delay lasts between seven to nine days, while the fines are borne by the merchant,” he explained.

Al-Adhrai expressed his hope that the United Nations will carry out its humanitarian duty and pressure the coalition forces to release all the detained ships.

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