Sons of Amran Condemn Saudi-led Aggression Crime Against Al-Subai’an Family

Sons of tribes of Marib governorate condemned the horrific crime committed by the mercenaries of aggression in Wadi Ubaida, Marib governorate against the Al-Subai’an family, calling Yemenis to move against this crime by supplying the fronts with men and money, especially in Marib front.

They affirmed that this crime will not go without a response, calling on all Marib’s people to supply the fronts with money and men and to support the Army and the Popular Committees.

The statement stressed that Marib tribes stand beside the Army and Committees in the battle of liberation and independence, congratulating the qualitative victories.

US-Saudi mercenaries killed 4 civilians of Al-Subai’an family in Marib on June 29. The Yemeni News Agency (Saba) quoted a local source, “Sheikh Muhsin Salih Al-Subai’an and three of his brothers were killed and others were injured in an attack of the US-Saudi mercenaries on their homes in Wadi Ubaidah.”

The source stated that the mercenaries burned and looted their homes because of Al-Subai’an’s position in rejecting US-Saudi aggression and violations in the governorate.

قد يعجبك ايضا