The aggression forces’ violations continue in Hodeidah, its jets launch 43 airstrikes on Marib, Bayda


The aggression forces continued breaching the Hodeidah ceasefire agreement while the American Saudi-led aggression warplanes launched 43 raids on Marib and Bayda provinces during the past 24 hours.


The aggression forces committed 59 breaches, including the flying of a warplane in the airspace of 16 km and a spy plane in the airspace of the 50th St. in Hodeidah city, and 14 artillery shelling breaches , including 19 shells and 43 breaches with different bullets, a military official said.


The aggression forces aimed at al-Dhebyani neighborhood and al-Etihad Hotel with machine guns, and hit the airport and 50th St.  with artillery, the official added.


The aggression forces , in addition, targeted al-Jabalia area in al-Tuhaita district with eight shells, causing damages to citizens’ houses and their farms, he confirmed.


The aggression forces also intensively hit multiple places in Kilo 16 area in al-Duraihemi district in Hodeidah with various bullets, the official said.


The aggression waged 30 raids on the district of Majzar, 11 airstrikes on the districts of Mahliyah and al-Abdiyah in Marib province, and a strike on al-Sawadiyah district in Bayda province, the official stated.



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