37 airstrikes on five provinces ,61 violations on Hodeidah fronts


The American Saudi-led aggression coalition’s warplanes waged on Sunday 37 air strikes on five Yemeni provinces over the past hours, and it and its merecenaries committed 61 violations of the UN-brokered ceasefire agreement on Hodeidah province

The warplanes targeted Majzar district with 21 strikes and al-Abdiya district with five ones in Marib province.

The fighter jets launched an air strike on communication networks in Bani Swaid area of Majz district in Saada province.

In Jawf, five raids hit Khub Washaaf district and another strike hit Sawadiah district of Bayda province.

The aircrafts waged two raids on al-Mazraq district, an air strike on the Customs in Haradh district and another strike targeted al-Tinah area of Medi district.

An official of the Liaison Officers’ Operations Room to monitoring the aggression’s breaches said in a statement on Sunday the breaches included 11 violationswith 15 artillery shells and 50 other breaches with various bullets.


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