Mass demonstration in London protesting on continued aggression, blockade against Yemen

Hundreds of demonstrators in the British capital, London have taken into streets to protest against the continued aggression and blockade on Yemen.

A large number of British activists, British citizens and members of Arab and Islamic communities in London launched in front of the BBC in a massive demonstration in solidarity with the victims of Yemen as a result of the aggression, calling on the British government to intervene to stop the aggression against Yemen since years.

The participants, in the demonstration which is the largest among the previous demonstrations against the aggression, chanted slogans and chants condemning the crimes of the US-Saudi aggression coalition against the Yemenis, rejecting the blockade imposed on Yemen.

The participants raised banners that roamed the streets of London, condemning the war on Yemen, and called on the British government to stop military and arms deals with the UAE and Saudi Arabia, demanding to cut military ties with Saudi Arabia against the background of its crimes.

The activists distributed leaflets to the participants over the violations committed by the Aggression coalition in Yemen, which caused the killing and injuring thousands and displacing millions, in addition to the famine and diseases that spread because of the siege.




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