US Role in Managing War on Yemen


Once again, there is evidence that the United States was involved in the war on Yemen and confirms the nature of the American role, which is no longer a secret through supporting the forces of coalition with weapons, logistical and intelligence assistance and direct participation.


The new evidence of US participation is being revealed this time by the Yemeni Armed Forces, who have confirmed that they have found large quantities of US weapons in Al-Baidha governorate with the logo of the so-called United States Agency for International Development (USAID) during recent military operations.


The Armed Forces revealed that the USAID supports and funds organizations in Yemen to collect classified information under the guise of humanitarian activities, pointing out that the United States of America has not only supported the coalition of aggression militarily, logistically, and intelligence in its war and aggression against Yemen, rather, it even made organizations, claiming that they work for development and for humanitarian aid, use the funds granted to them in carrying out military activities like the US Agency for International Development


What was revealed came to reinforce the positions of Sana’a, which has long affirmed that the US regime stands behind the coalition against Yemen by arming and setting goals and covering the coalition politically and morally for its terrible crimes against the Yemeni people. It also stands behind the continuation of the war and the blockade by supporting its tools in the region: the Saudi and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) regimes, and pushes them to implement its agenda and policies, and to serve the interests of the Zionist regime in the region.


In general, the US role in the war on Yemen was evident from the first moments of the declaration of this war, whether through facts and data or through the statements of the American leadership and its explicit recognition of this. The US House of Representatives has previously approved a draft law to stop US military support to the Saudi-led aggression, and demanded the Donald Trump administration to withdraw US forces participating in the ongoing war in Yemen after talks about deals worth billions of dollars in supplying firearms, bombs, weapons systems and providing military training to both the Saudi and Emirati regimes.


 Weapons flowing from the United States of America and European countries, including Britain, contributed to prolonging the Yemeni war that has lasted for more than 5 years, and has caused tremendous damage and thousands of civilian casualties. These practices were previously criticized by a report issued by the United Nations Group of Experts on Monitoring Human Rights Violations, naming the parties that sell weapons to war forces, especially the United States, Britain and France, and considered this step a continuation to support the conflict in Yemen.

Translated article, Alalam website


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