Saudi-led aggression warplanes launch two airstrikes on Hodeidah

The US-Saudi aggression warplanes on Thursday launched two strikes on Hodeidah province, western Yemen, in a new violation of the ceasefire agreement, a security source said.

The airstrikes targeted a hangar of the Salt Company in Asalif district, in light of the continuous flight in the sky of the province.

The source pointed out that the forces of aggression bombed with artillery and various machine guns in the direction of Dabiani, the airport, the defense camp and the College of Engineering, and fired 13 artillery shells south of the city of Tuhayta and targeted with machine guns separate locations in Hays.

The source condemned the scandalous international silence regarding the continuous military escalation of the aggression forces in Hodeidah and the various provinces, holding the UN envoy to Yemen fully responsible for the collapse of the Sweden agreement.

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