Warning of imminent disaster in coming days: YPC director


The oil company is raising the alarm due to the depletion of the company’s stock, its agents and oil stations from fuel, the general director of the Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC), Ammar Al-Adrai, confirmed on Friday

Al-Adhari warned in a statement to “Al-Masirah Channel” of an imminent catastrophe during the coming days that would affect all service sectors if the coalition continues to detain oil derivatives ships.

The aggression forces released only two oil vessels and when the ships arrived 3 days ago off the port of Hodeidah, the coalition navy pirated them and took them to the Jizan port, Al-Adhari told Al-Masirah TV , holding the aggression forces and the United Nations fully responsible for all effects of detaining oil derivatives ships and preventing them from reaching Hodeidah port.

Al-Adhari, on July 4, expressed his hope that the United Nations will fulfill its humanitarian duty and pressure the aggression forces to release all the detained ships.


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