A Protest rally in Berlin Condemns Ongoing Aggression, Unjust Siege on Yemen

Several members of the Yemeni community and many other Arab and German activists rallied in front of the Saudi embassy in Berlin on Saturday condemned the ongoing aggression and the unjust siege on Yemen.

During the vigil, participants chanted slogans calling for the departure of Saudi Arabia and the UAE from Yemen, denouncing US participation in the aggression against Yemen and calling on those countries to stop their interference in Yemeni affairs.

They reviewed through their speeches the extent of the victims who had been killed as a result of the aggression, and the severe crisis caused by the siege, particularly in light of the insistence of the Saudi-led aggression to continue to prevent oil vessels from reaching the port of Hodeidah.

Many images of children killed in Yemen as a result of the Saudi raids have also been raised in the vigil.

قد يعجبك ايضا