Zionist enemy forces raze Palestinian agricultural lands

On Monday, the Zionist enemy’s military bulldozers razed large dozens of dunums of Palestinian land and seized them in favor of the expansion of settlements in the West Bank.

According to Palestinian sources, enemy vehicles razed a tract of land covering approx. ten dunams belonging to the village, and installed power poles around it.

They elaborated that land was bulldozed to expand the borders of the Settlement of “Ibei Hanahal” on the village’s land.

In the context, the Zionist enemy forces were notified of the seizure of a plot of land of 401 meters, near the “Za’atra” checkpoint east of Yasov in the province of Salfit in the north of the occupied West Bank.

According to Palestinian sources, enemy forces handed over a notice of seizure of the land, part of which belonged to Khalil Ibrahim Yassin, and gave him 40 days to “object” to the seizure.

Enemy vehicles also bulldozed agricultural land in the Al-Baqa’a gathering east of Hebron, owned by Rabie Jaber.

On Monday evening, enemy forces notified of the demolition of three houses and five hangars after enemy forces stormed the village of Perrin, east of Hebron.

Source: Agencies.

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