Zionist forces arrest 8 Palestinians from Ramallah

Zionist enemy forces on Wednesday a raid campaign for a number of villages and towns in separate areas of the Ramallah governorate in the occupied West Bank, and arrested eight Palestinian youths, interspersed with inspections and clashes.
Palestinian sources reported that a Zionist military force stormed the town of Kober, northwest of the city, and arrested two young men after storming their homes, and they were transferred to an unknown destination.

The enemy forces also stormed the village of Shuqba and arrested a young man from his home, while another force raided the village of Deir Abu Mashal and arrested a young man from the house of his relatives.

The village of Shuqba witnessed clashes with dozens of youths who threw stones at the enemy forces.

In the same context, the enemy forces stormed the village of Kafr Ein northwest of Ramallah and arrested a citizen after raiding his house in the eastern region.

The soldiers fired gas and lighting bombs, while the infantry soldiers spread between the village and the neighboring village of Nabi Saleh.

The enemy soldiers also arrested a released prisoner after his house was raided, in the midst of gas fire and confrontations.

A military force raided Ain Misbah and Ramallah Al-Tahta neighborhood and arrested a citizen from his home, amid clashes with dozens of youths, during which soldiers released poison gas.

Source: Agencies.

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