Al-Jawf Governor condemns the latest aggression massacre against citizens in the governorate

The leadership of al-Jawf province and the local authority in the province condemned the crime committed by the aggression coalition against the family of a citizen in Al-Masafa area, east of Al-Hazm district, killed and wounded 31, mostly children and women.

Al-Jawf Governor Amer Al-Marani denounced this unfamiliar crime from the criminal coalition that committed hundreds of massacres against the Yemeni people for five years, especially children and women.

Al-Marani stressed that the crime committed by the aggression on Wednesday and the crimes that preceded it is a living testimony to the correctness of the Yemeni people’s choice to stand up, and confront the aggression by all possible means and options.

He called on the tribes of al-Jawf and Yemen in general to announce the general aversion to supplying the fronts with men in revenge for the blood of children and women.

The Governor clarified that the United Nations taking Saudi Arabia out of the list of shame for the killers of children confirms its partnership in the commission of this crime and the previous crimes that did not and will not be subject to the statute of limitations.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا