Aggression’s Crime on al-Mesafah village in Jawf .. New Crime To Be Added In The Black Saudi Coalition


A horrific crime against Yemenis and humanity committed by the Saudi-Emirati Evil Coalition on the village of al-Mesafah east of al-Hazm city in Jawf province Which has claimed more than 31 lives.


The malice rockets destroyed a house where victims were celebrating in the village whose pure bodies were turned into pieces everywhere in a place was not a military target at all but it was a residence of unarmed Yemeni citizens who were practicing their normal daily life.


It is a war crime added to the series of crimes committed by the so-called Coalition States and a new addition to its black record and crimes for the sixth consecutive year in the shadow of blatant international silence and international complicity that encouraged aggression to commit further crimes against innocent civilians.


It is clear to us that the Kingdom of the Evil would not have committed such crimes without the support it receives from the US-Britain-Europe to carry out raids on innocent and defenseless Yemeni citizens as if Yemeni blood was permissible for the Saudi-UAE Evil Coalition in the light of the international complicity.


This reveals the falsehood of their claim to belong to humanity and respect for human rights while the international institution, the United Nations and the Security Council continue their shameful silence against these crimes, which can be said that the credibility of the United Nations and the Security Council is no longer at stake but they have fallen in Yemen and no longer exist.


These brief words expressing their concern, including their envoy Griffiths are no longer work and do not lift damage and Yemeni blood are still bleeding around the clock while they are still watching. What kind of United Nations can we talk about and has it played the role it was founded for?


Indeed, the history of the United Nations, we believe that since its establishment it has not fulfilled its required task in accordance with its Charter, where the colonial powers of the United States, Britain, and France, which have the right of veto in the Council Security, as well as the rest of European countries, worked hard for years to vacate the United Nations of its content so as to control its decrees and adapted it for its colonial interests, creating an imbalance in the international justice where the small states are being subjected to the consent of the colonial powers controlling the United Nations and its resolutions.


The examples are many and multiple, and let us remind those who do not want to understand or remember what the United Nations did in the Palestinian issue, what happened in Iraq and the game of weapons of mass destruction there that paved the way for its occupation and the destruction of Syria and the scandalous game that occurred in Venezuela and elsewhere in the world.


Evidence is clearly visible we are still living its chapters in the Control of America and those who have walked in its orbit over the capabilities of the United Nations and its humanitarian role for which it was founded and the nations of the world signed its Charter.


It can be said that states that have taken force as a means of imposing their control over other states and peoples and are not subject to any international law, cannot be met with wishful thinking, desires, and begging.


The Yemeni army has to prepare for this, and the victory will inevitably be its ally because the right with it to defend a homeland that is being destroyed by the US-British-Saudi-Emirati military machine.

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تليقرام انصار الله
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