Information Minister checks on health condition of Palestinian writer Hussein al-Bakri

Information Minister Daifallah al-Shami has checked on the health condition of the Palestinian writer Hussein Jamal al-Bakri, who is receiving treatment at a hospital in the capital Sanaa.

The minister al-Shami briefed along with Chairman of the Board of Directors of al-Thawra Press, Printing, and Publishing Foundation Abdul Rahman al-Ahnomi and director of the Information Minister’s Office Mohammed al-Sa’afani on the level of medical services provided to the Palestinian media writer al-Bakri.

Al-Shami praised the depth of the writings of the Palestinian writer al-Bakri in dealing with Arab issues in general and the Palestinian issue in particular, as well as his educational roles and positive interaction with Yemen.

The Information Minister urged the hospital administration to provide all medical services to al-Bakri and to take care of the Palestinian community as well to alleviate their suffering, especially in light of the economic conditions that Yemen is going through, which have negatively affected the lives of Yemenis and the Palestinian community as well as the Palestine issue is the first and central issue of the Islamic nation.

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