Coronavirus Cases Hit 16 Million Worldwide, Fatalities at over 644K


The number of people infected with the new coronavirus has now surpassed 16 million worldwide, while more than 644,000 have lost their lives due to the infection, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

Since its emergence in China in December last year, the respiratory disease caused by the virus, COVID-19, has afflicted 16,055,909 people and killed 644,661 others across the world.

The United States is the worst hit country, with 4,178,730 cases and 146,463 deaths. The countries trailing the US in terms of infections are Brazil, India, and Russia.

The spread of the viral disease continues to accelerate, and more than five million cases have been declared across the globe since the beginning of the month.

Some countries are easing their COVID-19 lockdown restrictions due to economic concerns, while others are reintroducing strict measures to rein in the deadly outbreak.

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