The Shura Council condemns the Saudi regime’s prevention of Hajj


The Saudi authorities attempts to politicize Hajj were condemned on Wednesday by the Shura Council.

This measure falls within the framework of repelling Muslims from the Grand Mosque and performing the Hajj pilgrimage, in conjunction with the first centenary of the major massacre of pilgrims committed by the Saudi regime against three thousand Yemeni pilgrims in Tanwma and Sadwan, the council said that.

The Shura Council called on all Islamic countries to condemn this step and work to involve Islamic countries in the management of sacred feelings.

The Council called on the scholars of the ummah and cultural and intellectual elites to condemn the actions of the Saudi regime to repel Muslims from performing this duty.


تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا
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