Preventing Muslims from reaching holy sites is crime: Gov’t spokesman


The holy places are a right for all, and preventing Muslims from accessing holy places under any justification is a crime and a denial of the religion, spokesman of the National Salvation Government, Minister of Information Dhaifallah al-Shami on Wednesday affirmed

Keeping silence on this crime is an empowerment of the Zionist project, which wants to separate the nation from its religion and control its sanctities, Al-Shami explained.

He denounced the Saudi regime’s intent to deal with the Holy Land (Mecca and Medina) as a private ownership, pointing out that this regime implements an American-Zionist agenda to prevent Muslims from performing this religious duty, which represents the largest annual conference of Muslims on the Earth.

Al-Shami called on the governments and peoples of the Islamic world to take a clear and explicit position towards the crime of the Saudi regime, in reference to preventing the Hajj.

He warned that “silence and negligence will lead Muslims to calamities that perhaps more criminal than what is happening today, and everyone will be partners in the crime.”


قد يعجبك ايضا
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