11 Airstrikes on four provinces ,74 breaches in Hodeidah, including airstrikes

Today, Saturday, the US-Saudi-led aggression coalition jets launched a series of airstrikes on the provinces of Saada, Marib, Al-Jawf and Nehhm district of Sanaa province… As the aggression forces and mercenaries committed more violations on Hodeidah fronts.

A security source indicated that the aggression launched 3 air strikes on Naqil Al-Farda in Nehhm district of Sanaa province and 3 raids on -Wajrah area in Kattaf district of Saada.

The source added that the aggression air forces launched 3 raids on Madghel and Salab directorate in Majzar District in Ma’rib province and two raids on the area of Al-Muhashamah in district of Khub and Al-Sha`f in Al-Jawf.

In Hodeidah, the aggression forces and mercenaries continued to violate the truce agreement, during the past 24 hours, they committed more than 74 violations.

A source in the liaison officers’ operations room stated that there were 5 breaches of a combat spy plane in Al-Drahamy, 4 spy planes flying in the airspace of Al-Tahita and Al-Drahami, 20 breaches with artillery shelling, and 49 breaches with various bullets.


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