Human Rights Condemns Torturing to Death War Prisoner by Saudi Mercenaries in Marib

The ministry of Human Rights condemned torturing to death war prisoner, Abdullah Al-Juraidi. He was killed by the hands of  Saudi mercenaries in Marib Governorate .

In a statement, the Ministry of Human Rights considered this horrific crime against the prisoner Al- Juraidi, who is covered by international protection in accordance with international humanitarian law, a blatant violation of all laws, treaties and international decisions.

The ministry expressed regret for the shameful stances of the international community, which has been silent for more than five years and is still facing the continuation of the aggressive coalition countries and their mercenaries in committing brutal crimes.

The Ministry of Human Rights renewed the demand of international organizations working in the human rights, legal and humanitarian fields to push for a transparent international investigation into the crime of torture and killing of prisoners. It also called to put the perpetrators of this crime accountable in accordance with the 3rd Geneva Convention on the Protection of Prisoners and the relevant international laws and international treaties.

تليقرام انصار الله
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