We reach a very dangerous stage in the oil derivatives crisis: the director of the oil company

During a press conference held Monday in the capital Sanaa, the Yemeni Petroleum Company sounded the alarm again and warned,of an imminent humanitarian disaster due to the lack of oil products.

This comes in light of the continuation of the U.S.Saudi-led aggression coalition in holding the oil derivatives ships at sea, and the complicity of the United Nations with the aggression.

“The released quantity of gasoline and diesel does not cover 22 per cent of the actual need of the local market in the normal supply situation.”, the YPC director Ammar al-Adhra’i said, explaining that the fines for delaying ships currently amount to $ 30 million dollar, exceeding the delaying ships fines in 2019.

He confirmed the depletion of the company’s stock of diesel, which will led to halting all economic and vital sectors in the coming days, holding the United Nations and the aggression countries fully responsible for the results of the violations resulting from the continuing maritime piracy against fuel ships and the collective punishment against Yemeni people.


قد يعجبك ايضا
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