Citizen fell injured in the aggression’s bombing on Hodeidah

A citizen was seriously wounded on Wednesday in US-Saudi-led aggression coalition’s bombing on Hodeidah province, a security source said.

The aggression coalition’s forces continued their breaches of ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah, targeting al-Jah area of Bait al-Fakih district by heavy machine guns led to injuring a civilian and damaging several citizens’ homes, the source declared.

The crime of aggressioncame hours after another crime in the same area, where a citizen was killed and 11 others were wounded, including six children, in the bombing of the mercenaries, the source pointed out.

The aggression’s jets , meanwile, waged an air strike on citizen’s car in Qaifa area of Bayda province and two raids on Kutaf district of Saada province.


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