No Future for Bin Salman Without Trump

The Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, dealt with domestic and foreign issues of Saudi Arabia with a mentality of a Mafia leader. There is nothing in his dictionary to stop him from achieving his goals. With money and assassinations, he will push his way through. In one of his moves, he kidnapped the Prime Minister of another country, Lebanon, and forced him to resign. His unspeakable crimes also included cutting off the body of an opponent and melting it with acid in another country, slaughtering Ayatollah, Baqir al-Nimr, just because he expressed a political opinion. He arrested hundreds of businessmen and princes and plundered their wealth just because he has doubt of their loyalty to him. He sent many activists into prisons simply for tweeting.

A questioner might ask that how a young man, who did not exceed the third decade of his life when his father nominated him as the crown prince, could commit these atrocities .He also usurped power from dozens of princes of Al Saud family, despite being older and experienced, including many of his uncles and cousins. How did he commit all these crimes without being opposed inside Saudi Arabia, or being objected at the international level?

The answer to this question is only one word: Trump!

Because of the US President, Donald Trump, who took advantage of the bloody personality of Mohammed bin Salman, to get the power, bin Salman would did what he did, but rather exceeded his limits to become like a gang leader.

On the other hand, Bin Salman found in Trump’s personality the ladder that he could easily climb to reach the throne. As long as Trump could achieve the two main goals he seeks with all his strength during his presidency; the first is to obtain the largest amount of money and pump it into the American economy, and the second to liquidate the Palestinian cause. Bin Salman emptied for achieving these two goals the Saudi treasury and pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into Trump’s pocket. He also waived all the Islamic and Arab constants on the Palestinian issue, even those that were in its minimum limits, until he overlooked the stance of the criminal, Netanyahu, towards the Palestinians. His media against the Palestinian nation was harsher than the Zionist entity’s one. He, in addition, took an active part in the “deal of the century” to settle the Palestinian issue.

This tremendous support for Trump, which even ignored the CIA report that held bin Salman responsible for Khashoggi’s killing, made bin Salman go so far as to almost repeat Khashoggi’s heinous crime with the Saudi intelligence man and the right arm of Mohammad bin Nayef, who is a fugitive in Canada. This issue prompted the latter to reveal about the circumstances of his assassination, submitting a complaint to a US federal court, which issued a court order summoning bin Salman and 13 other people.

British journalist, David Hearst, wrote, in an article for the Middle East Eye newspaper, under the title “Saad al-Jabri: The Saudi who could bring down Mohammed bin Salman,” revealed that the former Saudi intelligence official, Saad Al-Jabri, is ready for a comprehensive confrontation with the Saudi regime. He has become more dangerous for the Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, than the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, could have been. Khashoggi’s ghost refused to lie low, and Jabri is determined to stop the killer from enjoying the spoils of power. All of this leads to one conclusion: MBS is now facing the biggest external challenge to his bid to seize the crown.

Hearst believes that: “The future boy king’s only hope to avoid catastrophe is a Trump win. If Trump loses, almost everything around Trump crashes with it. MBS would be fortunate indeed to survive, because whatever else he does, he needs US military support. This is not something that can be swapped overnight for Putin’s support or China’s.”

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