Researcher: UAE Committed Suicide, Betraying Palestine, to Save Trump, in Predicament!

Academic and political researcher, Hossein Ruyoran, emphasized that what the UAE did is considered a betrayal of the nation’s causes, and a unified position should be taken against it. Ruyoran explained that the Emirati normalization is a negative point for it because the strategic environment will not change, considering that there are regimes that do not represent society and are supported from outside and their continuity depends on the implementation of the American policies. This makes them in the circle of danger. It may lead to the UAE death because its people do not accept these betrayals and will not be silent about them.

Ruyoran pointed out that the position of the people at this stage is important so that the UAE regime knows that this step is rejected. There is no strategic change in the regional environment, and that the Emirati normalization will not change the equations because the resistance will remain

The United States announced that the UAE and the Israeli enemy entity had reached an agreement to fully normalize relations between them. According to a joint statement by the United States, the UAE and the Israeli entity, meetings will be held between Emirati and Israeli missions in the coming weeks to sign bilateral cooperation agreements related to the exchange of opening embassies between the two parties, in addition to agreements on investment, trip exchange, security, communications, energy and health.

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