The Shura Council condemns the humiliating agreement between the Emirates and the Zionist entity

The Shura Council on Friday condemned the Emirati regime’s declaration of full normalization with the usurping Zionist entity.

The Council , in a statement it issued Friday,considered that the normalization declaration, which coincides with the announcement of the Zionist entity once again its efforts to annex parts of the Palestinian territories and judaize the city of Quds, clearly reflects the crisis that the UAE regime is experiencing in its identity.

The UAE has become a vehicle to realize the Israeli dream in the Arab region by betraying the Palestinian cause, considering the agreement an extension of the disgraceful complicity of the Emirati regime with Israel over the past years and a defiance of the will of the Arab and Islamic peoples who uphold the rights of the Palestinian people, the statement noted,

The Shura Council called on the states of the Association of Senates, Shura Councils and Similar Councils in Africa and the Arab World to condemn the agreement to normalize relations between the UAE and the Zionist occupation entity.

The Yemeni people’s support for the Palestinian cause and the right of the Palestinian people to establish their state on all Palestinian soil, with the city of Quds as its capital, the Council affirmed.


تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا
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