The aggression’s jets wage airstrikes on Yemeni provinces

The US-Saudi-led aggression coalition’s warplanes escalated on Sunday their air strikes on Yemen, hitting five provinces with 26 raids over the past hours, security sources said.

The sources confirmed that aggression ’s warplanes launched five strikes on Bait Saadan area of Bani al-Harith district in Sanaa province and attacked Natiaa district of Bayda province with one raid.

The sources pointed out that aggression’s aircrafts hit fuel tanks of oils factory in Bajil district of Hodeidah province in a clear breach of Sweden’s agreement.

The warplanes also waged 15 air strikes over the past 15 hours, targeting Sufian area in Amran province with nine raids, hitting Khub Washaaf district and Mazariq area of Jawf province four times and two strikes hit Bayda province.


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