Yemen, Key Word of the US Presidential Elections

Investing the blood and pain of the people is the most important points in the electoral programs of US presidential candidates over the past decades. In January ,2017, Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America after he had taken advantage of the file of war crimes on Yemen committed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, demanding to stop the war. He released a lot of statements about the Yemeni humanitarian situation .He also put Saudi Arabia and UAE under pressure to blackmail them to make arms deals with hundreds of billions of dollars.

“Trump’s four years presidency clearly revealed the meanness of US policy and the hypocrisy of the international community towards humanitarian issues in Yemen. It turned them into a stock exchange for financial profits in exchange for the American direct support for the coalition.

Taking the power of the US will be decided next November, after months of controversy and statements between the presidential candidates “Donald Trump” for the Republican Party and “Joe Biden” for the Democratic Party.

Far away from polling public opinion about the chances of the winner in the elections, the media shed light on the most important attitudes of the contestants about various issues in the Middle East. So, the Yemeni issue once again has been discussed.

The British “Middle East Eye” website said that the Democratic candidate’s, “Joe Biden,” announcement of choosing Senator Kamala Harris as his deputy if he win bears unpleasant news for Saudi Arabia. Because Harris is an outspoken critic of the kingdom’s policies in the region, especially the Yemeni war file.

The site indicated that the US Constitution does not grant much power to the Vice President .However; “Harris” may play a major role in the American administration because of Biden’s aging if he wins the presidency.

Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, blames Saudi Arabia strongly , saying that Riyadh must be punished over the war on Yemen and the assassination of the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.

Responding to reporters’ question earlier, Biden said that he would start freezing military aid to Riyadh and making Saudi Arabia a pariah state at the international level.

He added that he would cancel all US subsidies granted to the Saudis and the sale of any materials to them, adding that the Saudi government “enjoys very little positive social value. He also accused it of “killing children and the innocent,” which necessitates “pursuing it”.

The statements of the democratic candidate opened the door to questions of many observers to compare them with the statements of “Trump” during his previous elections, who exploited the humanitarian crimes of the coalition in Yemen to win the presidency. Then he made arms deals, that worth billions of dollars, with Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. In addition, his administration obstructed any efforts to stop the aggression on Yemen to ensure the continuity of the flow of Gulf money to the US coffers from selling weapons in addition to paying protection royalties after he forced Saudi Arabia and the UAE to pay them.

Observers believe that the US policy is stable even if the two candidates differed in appearance, but the content is still the same, which is that the bloodshed of Yemenis by the coalition is tantamount to win shares in the Stock Exchange market of reaching the White House.

Source: al-masirah


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