The Israel-UAE ’Treacherous’ Deal: Report

The deal already drawn condemnation from various Arabia and Islamic groups as well as their supporters from across the world.

The UAE is now the third Arab country, after Egypt and Jordan, to normalize with Israel.

Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have reached a deal that will lead to a full normalization of diplomatic relations between the two sides. The agreement, which US President Donald Trump apparently helped broker, was announced .

Trump hailed it as a “huge breakthrough” and a “historic peace agreement between” its “two great friends,” while US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called it an “enormous” step forward on the “right path.” Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meanwhile, claimed that the deal marked “a historic day.”

The Supreme Political Council in Sana’a affirmed the Republic of Yemen’s rejection of the so-called Emirati-Israeli agreement, considering it a betrayal of the nation and a consecration of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

In a statement, The Supreme Political Council called on the peoples of the Arab and Islamic nation to reject all those rushing to normalize with the Zionists, and to end trade exchange with the client Emirati regime as a practical step to criminalize their betrayal.

For his part, The Political Bureau of Ansarullah confirmed that the UAE’s public normalization with the Israeli enemy entity is a great betrayal of the Palestinian cause and a total lyrical agreement with the Zionists and the Americans in the project of destroying the region.

The office noted in a statement issued Saba received a copy, that after years of bloody involvement in the aggression against Yemen along with Saudi Arabia and under the leadership of the United States, here is the UAE hastened to remove the hidden relations to announce their normalization with the historical enemy of the Islamic and Arab nation.

“The exposure of UAE-Israeli relations in this way drops all those slogans raised by the coalition of aggression against Yemen, and it shows more that the UAE, as Saudi Arabia is, is just Israeli-American claws that are in the body of the Arab and Islamic nation,” he said.

The statement stressed that the UAE continues to follow the wrong path it has taken since its inception in the service of the American and Israeli against the nation, including the aggression against Yemen.

The office pointed out that the peace, prosperity and stability promoted will be achieved regionally with this step just illusions, the UAE has preceded more systems than weight, which has not achieved any of this.

The political bureau of Ansarullah called on the peoples of the Arab and Islamic nation to dust off the defeat themselves and raise the voice in the face of the line of hypocrisy and treason, and to isolate every regime that declares its normalization with Israel, and boycotts it economically and commercially.

He urged the Arab and Islamic peoples to take serious action and be prepared to sacrifice, and to trust the Arab and Islamic liberation project, which is represented by the axis of resistance, led by the resistance forces in Palestine and Lebanon.

Salvation Government spokesman and Minister of Information Dhaifallah Al-Shami also said that the declaration of full normalization of diplomatic relations between the Emirates and the Zionist entity is a stigma that every free Arabic person condemned.

Al-Shami added that the joint American-Zionist-Emirati statement was a show of defiance shown by the enemies of Islam to all Muslims.

As Ansarullah’s spokesman Mohammed Abdulsalam has vehemently slammed the deal as a provocative move.

Abdulsalam said the agreement brought to light what had been kept secret and proved that Zionist and American enemies will continue to destroy the region.

He pointed out that the agreement and the UAE’s participation in the aggression against Yemen prove that Yemenis are paying their lives and blood for the Palestinian cause. Abdulsalam clarified that this agreement is not against Iran, but rather against the Arab and Islamic nation, pointing out that the Axis of Resistance has proven that whoever stands on the side of Palestine is the one who holds the right position.

He said that an American propaganda agreement and the nation’s issues are being sold today on the sidewalk of the US elections. “The position of the Yemeni people is clear and practical with the side of Palestine”.

He mentioned that Iran, Hezbollah and the Palestinian resistance, and we in Yemen are being targeted because we have not abandoned Palestine. He added by saying that we believe that what is happening at this stage in Yemen has a direct relationship to serving the Israeli enemy entity. “The defining position in the region is adherence to the Palestinian cause.”

He indicated that the Emirati role related to the enemy’s entity was not absent from us, and we heard that some of the UAE’s allies in Yemen spoke about relations with the Israeli enemy. He pointed out that what is happening in Yemen by aggression is an attempt to subjugate it to US and Israeli sovereignty.

“Saudi Arabia does not want to appear at the beginning, otherwise it is the sponsor of the “deal of the century”, explaining that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are a link in the chain of the Zionist project in the region”, he added.

Touching on the UAE-Israel deal, Yemeni Islamic Forum condemned , in the strongest terms, the Emirati-Zionist deal, which was done in public after they had been friends for years.

The Yemeni Islamic Forum called on every Arab and Muslim people to stand against and condemn the regimes that normalize with the Zionists.

As well as, The Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned the agreement, calling it an instance of “strategic folly” that would only end up strengthening the regional resistance front.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says a “treacherous” deal between the Israeli regime and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to establish relations between the two sides does not affect the Palestinian resistance against the Tel Aviv regime.

Earlier , the Islamic Jihad, while lambasting the agreement, had stressed that it was a sign of submission of Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv without having any effect on reducing conflicts in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Shortly after the announcement of the Israel-UAE deal, The Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that certain Arab regimes heed US diktats to normalize ties with the Israeli regime, calling for the termination of such ties, which he said would end in failure if kept in place.

“We weren’t surprised by the UAE’s decision, as various forms of Israeli-UAE normalization and cooperation were already underway for a long time,” Nasrallah said, adding, “Trump has already milked the Persian Gulf states financially, religiously and morally just to serve his friend, [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ]Netanyahu.”

Source: Saba

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