President al-Mashat stresses need to start construction of channels for discharge of floodwaters

President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat has met with the Capital Sanaa governor, Hammoud Ubad, the Governor of Sana’a, Abdulbasit al-Hadi, and deputy minister of public works and roads engineer Mohammed al-Dhari.

The President ,al-Mashat, during the meeting ,listened to a detailed explanation about the reasons of the great damage to homes and roads caused by heavy rains and floods, including allowing construction in flood passages and low agricultural land. They also included the lack of infrastructure over the past years capable of absorbing the huge amount of rain and torrential rains that have taken place in the capital and various provinces.

The President stressed the need to begin the construction of floodwater drainage channels on roads and streets, and the commitment not to implement any new roads except by creating its infrastructure and drainage channels so that the problem does not repeat.

The meeting touched on the work of the technical committees formed by engineers to conduct a field survey and track the path of rain and holes in order to work on repairing them as soon as possible.

To avoid any future disasters, the deputy minister of public works and highways, for his part, emphasized the need for the General Authority of Survey and Urban Planning to take care of the fluid designs and stop the construction on agricultural land.

The Governor of Sana’a reviewed the damages and the measures taken to limit these damages in this regard.


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