Al-Houthi to al-Jazeera the war is open with Saudi Arabia if it does not stop its aggression against Yemen

A member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammad Ali al-Houthi has confirmed that the aggression coalition’s continual in the war and escalation against Yemen.

The aggression coalition countries are rushing to make and conclude a peace with the Zionist entity at the same time they are fighting the Yemeni people, said Mohammed Ali al-Houthi to al-Jazeera Arabic Channel.

The member of the Supreme Political Council al-Houthi explained that mediation efforts with the Saudi-UAE coalition countries did not reach anything, they rejected all efforts made by the UN envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, and this is not the first time, they are always obstructing peace and not looking for peace and do not like peace.

“We are looking at what Martin Griffiths has done, but we still have a discussion on the subject, and we still have responses,” said the Supreme Political Council member on the efforts of the UN envoy.

He indicated that the talk with Saudi Arabia does not amount to the level of negotiations, pointing out that some points have been talked or consulted, and Saudi Arabia is using such understandings to mislead the world that there are secret talks and it is continuing to fight the Yemeni people who have reached the point of famine.

Al-Houthi said “There are no secret negotiations at all with Saudi Arabia, and if there were any negotiations we would show them to the world, we do not have any agenda to be afraid of. All we have is a national ceiling that we can talk about in front of everyone. We are not agents until we go to secret negotiations, if there were real negotiations, we would announce them, there are some contacts for the sake of understandings, but they do not amount to negotiations.”

“We have always said that we are lovers of peace and we hold pride and dignity, and we talk about peace with our hands on the trigger if they confront us with peace, we are men of peace, and if they confront us with war, we have been standing for six years and are ready to stand more”, said al-Houthi.

In response to a question about targeting the Saudi depth again, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi confirmed that the Saudi-led aggression coalition did not stop its raids against the Yemeni people, the revolution leader had talked about the equation of “Eye for an Eye” that ”whenever they target us we will target them”, this is the basic rule by which the Yemeni people are launching in the face of the aggression countries on the basis of facing their aggression with the deterrence we can.

With regard to the conditions for going to negotiations, the member of the Supreme Political Council stressed that the comprehensive solution document was a complete document, containing real and realistic solutions, and others could not represent the Yemeni people or their aspirations, because what was presented in the document was the minimum that should be for the sake of the solution and for peace.

The member of the Supreme Political Council clarified that those who claim as a Legitimate is responsible for the delivery of salaries, especially since Hadi pledged to the United Nations to hand over salaries. “When we were running the Central Bank of Yemen, we delivered salaries north, south, east, and west, and we didn’t cut the salary of anyone.

He stated that the aggression coalition does not have any red lines, it violates international humanitarian law and constantly commits crimes against the Yemeni people.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said that what the aggression coalition is talking about progress on the fronts are fictitious. “We are not talking about anything unless the field had talked about it earlier, operation “Victory from God”, and the operation that preceded it, which was followed by all the operations that the Yemeni army was able to achieve great progress and victories and we presented it in the channels and we will display in the coming days new military operations and victories.

He said the blockade affects the Yemeni people, especially since they depend on imports for their basic and non-essential needs. The aggression coalition which is run by the United States and Britain and carried out by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and allied countries holds responsible for using the blockade as a weapon, and this is a crime under international laws.

The member of the Supreme Political Council also stressed that the war is open with Saudi Arabia if it does not stop its aggression and if it continues in the war, deterrence will continue.

He stressed that there was no contact with the so-called legitimate government. “They are not decision-makers until we communicate with them, they are part of the mercenarism, they are looking for funds to build their personal future and leave the Yemeni people, and therefore we are not honored at all to have a dialogue with them, we tried to talk with them in Sweden, Kuwait and Switzerland they are just ‘Kompares’.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi called on the UN envoy Martin Griffiths to abandon the agenda of Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed “If Griffiths wants to succeed, he should have a direct dialogue with the leaders of the coalition, not with the Kompares group”.

“We welcomed the experts and directed to receive them, but on the basis that there was a third party because when there was procrastination and a change in what was agreed with the United Nations, we felt that the report that the experts would come up with might be dependent or politicized,” said Mohammed Ali al-Houthi regarding the SFO Safer.

“We have asked Germany and Sweden to be third parties so that we can trust what the experts will show, if they reject or question the intentions of Germany or Sweden, there could be Russia or China, and these are countries that have knowledge and experience in such matters and in ship repair,” added al-Houthi.

He reiterated his keenness to resolve the Safe issue. “We are constantly talking and warning of disaster, and if the disaster occurs Allah forbid the entry or exit of oil from the Gulf will stop and international movement on the Red Sea will also stop, and we are also affected by this disaster and we welcome any real progress and not for blackmailing.

He renewed the welcome of the United Nations experts to repair the FSO Safer, but on the condition that there is a third party involved, Germany and Sweden or China and Russia.

With regard to the possible closure of the Port of Hodeidah due to the impact of the Safar, the member of the Supreme Political Council confirmed that the port of Hodeidah is essentially closed, noting that ships that obtain permits from the United Nations are not allowed access to the port of Hodeidah.
He held the aggression coalition responsible for any blast of the ship, stressing that silence will not be done if the FSO Safer exploded.

Regarding the UAE’s retreat from some of its positions, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi explained that the UAE claims that it is fighting Iran in Yemen while it conducts official and close relations with it, and it is the one that meets with the Iranian foreign minister and others.

He said, “The UAE’s agenda is well known and exposed. It implements the Israeli agenda. Netanyahu speaks that the Republic of Yemen is a threat to Israel, and the UAE has only come as a strategic ally for Israel to confront the Yemeni people, and we call on it to stop supporting militias and terrorists in Yemen.”

Source: Saba News Agency

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