Over 250 al-Qeada individuals fall dead, wounded in military operation in Bayda: Army Spokesman

The Yemeni Army and Popular Committees announced on Tuesday that more than 250 al-Qeada individuals were killed, wounded and captured during the large military operation in Bayda, Yemen Army’s spokesman said in a news statement.

The Yemeni Army and Popular Committees attacked al-Qaeda and ISIS elements, liberating 1,000 square km in the organization-held areas of Bayda province,the spokesman confirmed.

Furthermore, 12 camps and military gathering were destroyed during the military operation in Wald Rabai area in the province.

They also seized large quantities of weapons and hundreds of belts and explosive devices in the operation, Sarie affirmed.

The US-Saudi-led aggression coalition supported its mercenaries from the so-called “ISIS” and “Al Qaeda” with dozens of airstrikes in addition to the support of money and weapons, Brigadier General Sarei indicated.

The spokesman praised the great stance and role played by the tribes and sheikhs of districts of Qurayshih, Walad Rabai and all free citizens of Bayda in supporting the heroes of the army to take over and secure their areas of the takfiri individuals, “ISIS and al-Qaeda backed by the countries of the aggression .

They would continue to carry out military operations until the liberation of the Republic of Yemen lands and the achievement of independence, Sarei affirmed.


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