The aggression forces continue seizing 19 oil ships

The Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) said that US-Saudi-led aggression forces are still holding 19 ships laden with oil derivatives, including 15 ships carrying more than 371,000 tons of gasoline and diesel, some of which have been illegally held for no fewer than 142 days.

The released quantities make up 15% of all diesel needs and 25% of gasoline needs of Yemen, the company said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

Diesel is about to run out in the YPC-owned plants and facilities within the next two days, the statement pointed out.

The company once again held the United Nations and the aggression coalition fully responsible for all inhumane violations resulting from this maritime piracy, the Saudi collective punishment measures and the collapse of the operational capabilities of vital sectors in Yemen.

It called on all the free people of the world to continue to strengthen its solidarity against these crimes and in support of fundamental human rights.


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