Betrayal of Emirati normalization…Impudicity Of Justifying Scandal Resonated Across Galaxy

The UAE regime continues to launch its rudeness to justify the betrayal of normalization with the Zionist entity by claiming that there are positives in the agreement announced by the United States of America, the protector of the Emirates, in a desperate attempt to cover up the resounding scandal of normalization that has resonated in the galaxy.

As soon as the announcement of the treachery agreement reached by the rulers of the UAE, Zayed’s sons, in Abu Dhabi, their officials and employees in the various government departments began to make statements brazenly that the process of normalization completely aimed at preventing the Israeli annexation of the Palestinian territories as if the UAE had sacrificed its virginity for the central cause of Arabs and Muslims.

However, the Israeli rapist’s remarks revealed the lies of the rulers of treason and confirmed that the decision of normalization has nothing to do with the Palestinian issue and that the annexation project continues, thus confirms the assurances of the Prime Minister of the Zionist entity Benjamin Netanyahu to the Israelis the possibility of reaching settlement agreements with the Arabs away from the Palestinians because the Arabs are in a state of collapse.

In addition, the official statement of the normalization agreement stipulated a “suspension” and not the abolition of sovereignty over the designated areas in the West Bank and the Palestinian territories.

The decision to normalize also came to an Emirati gift to Israel and its US protector, where it will strengthen the position of Netanyahu, who is living the worst days of his rule amid demonstrations demanding his resignation and corruption issues who is one step away from the rope of impeachment and imprisonment, and will also help him to run for election from the perspective that he put the Arabs kneeling under his feet without paying any benefit to the Palestinians who are the real owners of the issue.

As for the US protector represented by Trump, the normalization gift of the United Arab Emirates also improved his electoral position, three months before the United States’ election after failing internally and externally to find himself effective to catch it so as to win in the re-election as well as to get praised by the Jewish lobby in the United States in order not to support his rival Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, because Trump presented to the Israeli entity the ‘Arab Head’ on a plate of gold.

Looking at this ugly act and from the point of view of a number of observers and political analysts, including Faris al-Sarafandi, Palestinian journalist living in Ramallah, it seems that ‘Zayed’s sons’ have taken upon themselves the process of liquidating the Palestinian issue so that the Arabs have no pretext to hostile the occupation entity or to reach a goal to get united under one umbrella.

The Palestinian journalist believes that the post-Palestinian issue will be the most prosperous because regional countries strongly support the Palestinian issue and will be in the crossfire of Israel’s new ally, which is Iran.

As the Palestinian journalist says, “Their new Zionist ally is confused by a conflict with two resistances, not two states supported by the Islamic Republic, because it has no power to face a real confrontation with Iran, especially since its tools confirm that their entity is not able to confront.”

The Palestinian writer points out that there is another thing that Zayed’s sons insist on which is represented by the destruction of Arab countries that refuse to be compatible with their betrayals, this is what they are working on in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and any country reject their orientations will be in the range of ruin and destruction.

The writer explained that what the sons of Zayed do not realize is that the strength and effectiveness of the Palestinian issue come from its resistance fighters, ….., a child who will be brought up between the relationship of Zayed’s sons and the Zionist entity, will not get Legitimacy no matter how old is he or she, and he will be called or referred to as a bastard.

For his part, the editor-in-chief of the electronic newspaper Rai Alyoum Abd al-Bari Atwan, sees the attempts to justify the normalization agreement, which he described as the ‘Zenith of Treachery’, which is painful, and going to say that it is “historic”, asking, “Is selling Palestine issue in the implementation of the deal of the century? is the disposition of al-Quds and its mosque and getting out of all the Arab and Islamic principles are a ‘Historic Day’, he continued asking ” is the coronation of Israel’s sunni Arab leader in the face of Iran a ‘New Era’? and a major step on the path to just peace?

In an article on the front of his electronic newspaper, the prominent Palestinian journalist added, “which just peace in an agreement that did not mention al-Quds or the Palestinian state, or even the Arab initiative at its worst?”

He emphasized that the UAE-Israel normalization agreement will lead to a lasting peace for the Palestinian issue, which means to liquidate it, referring what Netanyahu expressed when the second said that they are normalizing with us because we are strong and they are weak, according to the formula (peace for peace).

In his article, Atwan mocked the assurances of UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash that the UAE embassy would not be built its embassy in occupied al-Quds, but in Tel Aviv or Abu Dis.

“Just now, we have ascertained the reasons that led to the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria, the starvation of the Palestinian people, the decorating of treason against the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and the poisoning of its founding leader who wanted to atone for his ‘Oslo sin’ by igniting the fuse of resistance,” he said at the end of his article.


resource : SABA


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