Zayed’s ,Salman’s Boys … the Throne in Exchange for Jerusalem

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Finally, with a lot of oil money, two boys succeeded to buy out many governments, party leaders and political and media personalities in some Arab countries. They also recruited electronic armies to tamper with the fate of the Arab peoples, especially the Palestinian people. The Arab countries, which until recently dominated the Arab scene, like Egypt, didn’t have the ability to stop the two boys.

The absurdity of the boys of Zayed and Salman, which are under the watchful eyes of foolish US President ,Donald Trump, and his son-in-law ,Kushner, has reached a bargaining over Islamic holy sites in occupied Palestine, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Quds Al-Sharif, in exchange for reaching the Saudi and Emirates thrones.

Even the notorious Israeli principle, land for peace, no longer has any consideration in the time of these boys. It became the throne for peace, in a almost sacred belief . To these boys, America is their Lord and can make them take the power in exchange for giving up Islamic sanctities and Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

This arrogant belief of the youngsters was revealed by the famous Saudi activist ,Mujtahid, when he indicated that there was a compromise between Mohammed bin Salman and the Americans regarding his appointment as king. Bin Salman, in exchange for normalization with the Israeli entity and the sale of Jerusalem, demands America to force those who refuse to pledge allegiance to him to do it.

As for the boy of Zayed, who paved the way for the boy of Salman to normalize relations with the Israeli entity, belives strongly in the ability of the Israeli enemy to protect and support him to reach the throne and to turn the Emirates to be like Israel in the Persian Gulf.

But it seems that the boys forgot that Egypt, which concluded forty years ago a peace agreement with the Zionists, was stabbed in the back by a companion of peace when Israel colluded in order to starve the Egyptian people through its contribution to build the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia.

We do not believe Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are bigger than Egypt, or stronger than it. On the contrary, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates will be weaker in front of the Israeli dagger that will cut them into pieces. Israel has no life in the Islamic world, except by cutting this world apart, and the tragedy of Sudan is not far from us.

Source: al-masirah

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