Yemeni army forces overthrow castles of US terrorism in Bayda

As fighting intensifies around Ma’rib province, fighting has suddenly erupted in areas where Daesh (ISIS) and al-Qaeda are located in Bayda province as well.

An informed political source revealed that the Yemeni political leadership is committed securing its citizens from the threat of ISIS and al-Qaeda, which in recent years increased in the light of the aggression and blockade.

The source pointed out that the involvement of ISIS and al-Qaeda elements in supporting Yemeni political figure Yasser al-Awadhi, and their concentration in sensitive military areas may also be a reason not to postpone the confrontation with Daesh and al-Qaeda.

Initially, al-Qaeda took control of the rugged areas of Qaifa, and in previous years it had already taken control over several neighbouring areas whose inhabitants had been subjected to intimidation and murder.

Daesh has also taken control of areas bordering the same area as a stronghold and fortress, and has practiced the same criminal practices against the people there.

Daesh and al-Qaeda have not yet faced any serious challenges or threats from Saudi-backed invaders and supporters of the exiled Hadi government. In the contrary, the terrorist organisations have turned into a pillar of the former regime in the liquidation of opponents

The archives of the security services indicate the increase in operations by Daesh and al-Qaeda from this area during the years of aggression starting in 2015.

The National Salvation Government of Yemen has compelling evidence about Saudi support to these terrorists, as has been documented by international media channels and agencies.

In Bayda governorate alone, information from the security services indicates that between January 2015 and May 2020, al-Qaeda carried out more than 327 criminal operations ranging from armed ambushes to assassinations and detonating explosive devices.

The two organizations committed 27 assassinations, including 11 that failed to kill the targets, as a result of which innocent people were killed. Operations of ISIS and al-Qaeda in Bayda furthermore included 59 operations against Yemeni army and security personnel.

In Bayda, there is no day that passes without news of crimes carried out by al-Qaeda elements.

In March 2020, criminal elements committed a heinous crime by intercepting a car carrying a family. They killed the head of the family, his wife and their only child in the Dhahra area of al-Qurashiyah district.

In April 2020, al-Qaeda killed 6 troops from al-Abdali as they went to the front lines to support the army and Popular Committees against the forces of aggression against Yemen.

Al-Qaeda elements detonated an explosive device in the village of al-Masmaq, al-Tafah directorate.

In May 2020, al-Qaeda operatives targeted a car carrying engineers of the Ministry of Communications, killing the engineers and injuring one other person. The Ministry said that its engineers were directly targeted by detonating a remote device while returning from their work in maintaining the telephone and internet networks in the Rabat area.

The advance by the Yemeni army forces and Popular Committees in the areas of the presence of the two organizations has been welcomed by the citizens of Bayda governorate.

The military advance of the army and Popular Committees in the strongholds of Daesh and al-Qaeda in Bayda has been received with great popular satisfaction.

The military operations that are under way today to clear Bayda from the last presence of the two criminal organisations are widely considered to be long overdue. The delay in dealing with the terrorist occupation in Bayda was caused mainly by the continued battle against Saudi-led invaders over the past 5 years.

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