Saudi-Emirati Presence In Yemen … Greed Leads To Occupy Parts Of Yemen

The evil State- the so-called the United Arab Emirates exploit its capability and resources, including unlimited support by the United States, and other colonial states to try wiping the Yemeni national identity of Socotra Archipelago so as to establish the concept of occupation on the Archipelago, including but not limited the removing Yemen’s flag that has no longer waves over the governmental building- that is a symbol of the land sovereignty- replaced by the occupation flag.

A clear inability and obedience to the agendas of the Saudi-Emirati occupation by the so-called Legitimacy in defending national sovereignty, it is subject to the occupying states and has nothing to do with defending the sovereignty, independence, and dignity of Yemen.

Undoubtedly, it has become clear that the Saudi Arabia-the UAE’s strong entry into the Yemeni arena is not as pronounced or promoted in restoring the so-called Legitimacy, but to implement an agenda that was delayed to make it till the right moment came. Saudi Arabia’s malicious ambitions in the eastern and northern region of Yemen are clearly visible to the naked eye, seeking to divide Yemen into parts to make it easier to run or to control it according to its interest.

The same agendas are applied by the United Arab Emirates, a bastard state that has been established less than a century, and has clearly dealt with its ambitions in Yemen Republic, focusing on the coasts and islands, particularly the Socotra Archipelago aimed at neutralizing all Yemeni ports at the forefront of that are old and internationally reputable such as Aden, Mocca, Hodeidah for the benefits of its ports in Dubai and Jabal Ali.

The rogue UAE has carried out its campaign against the Republic of Yemen, taking advantage of the difficult and exceptional situation that Yemen is going through due to the aggression and the ongoing war.

It is unfortunate that the British colonialism, during its presence for nearly 100 years in southern Yemen, did not do the same as the countries of aggression represented by Saudi Arabia and the UAE for nearly six years, as they claim that they belong to Arabism and Islam.

In a false sense of security, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are completing the gradual occupation of Yemen and its islands in an atmosphere in which no one will not stand against their agendas under a leadership called itself the Legitimacy that is incapable to do anything.

It seems that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have deliberately forgotten that the glorious history of the Yemeni people in resisting the invaders and occupiers; People who have been deep-rooted in a history of thousands of years.

Yemen is difficult to occupy it, it will inevitably rise again like a giant to lift from its land the dirtiest presence of the Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition… we have an appointment with a history.

Source: Saba


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