Protest rally in Hodeidah denounces UAE normalization with Zionist entity

A protest rally was staged on Friday by sons and tribes of Hodeidah province to condemn the UAE normalization with Zionist entity that aimed to target the Palestinian Issue, according to Yemen Press Agency.

At the rally, which was attended by acting governor of the province Mohammad Ayyash Qahim, the participants considered the Emirati normalization with the Zionist entity as a stab in the body of the Arab and Islamic nation, and the great treason the nation’s sanctities and the Palestinian Issue.

The rally also denounced the crimes committed by the US-Saudi aggression coalition against civilians and the continuing violations of the Stockholm Agreement.

They praised the victories achieved by the army and the popular committees against al-Qaeda and ISIS elements in Qifah area of Bayda governorate and liberating more than a thousand kilometers of ISIS and Al-Qaeda-held areas.


قد يعجبك ايضا
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