Security Source: Liberating Al-Bayda Foils Last Plan for US-Saudi Aggression to Move Towards Sana’a

A security source revealed that security services have detailed information of a criminal scheme, manged by US-Suadi aggression, to help takfiri groups take control of Al-Bayda province and then join various formations of Saudi forces to open a front towards the capital, Sana’a, from the strategic gate of Al-Bayda province, which is located in the middle of the provinces (Sana’a, Dhamar. Ibb, Al Dhale’e, Lahj, Abyan, Marib, Shabwa), quoted from l-Masirah English website.

The source explained that the so-called Al-Qaeda organization began implementing this plan during 2018 through attracting, recruiting, and military and ideological training for hundreds of individuals by the concepts of takfiri groups. It also established new camps in remote areas from the monitor and dispatched recruits to receive military training in the aggression’s camps in Marib and Shabwa.

The organization’s scheme, according to the security services’ information, instructed its recruits to take important combat positions within the ranks of the aggression’s mercenaries in Al-Bayda province and intensify criminal operations to destabilize and facilitate their subsequent fall entirely at the hands of the Takfiri groups. In addition to expanding their control to new areas to try to tighten control over Nate’a and Thi Nae’m directorates.

The security source confirmed that the documents reveal the extent of the military and logistical support provided by the Saudi forces to the takfiri groups, which increased at the beginning of 2018.

The documents exposed the direct link between the takfiri groups and the traitors, and fugitives, Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar. Mohammad Ali al-Maqdishi, and the so-called Tawfiq al-Qiz, whereas dozens of members of the takfiri groups infiltrated from the occupied southern provinces to Al-Uqla areas of Al-Silouma district in Al-Bayda to participate in the aggression.

According to the security source, the documents mentioned the increase of its criminal acts with explosive devices targeting the Army, security services, and national community leaders in Al-Bayda. Meanwhile, documents affiliated with the takfiri groups admit that the security services thwarted four-car suicide bombings, and failed to prepare eight of those who the takfiri groups describe as Al-Inghmasiin to blow up the situation in Al-Isabel area in Wahhabiya district

The stages of the scheme took place with full coordination with the mercenaries leaders and with great support from the aggression coalition’s leadership. The Security and Intelligence Service had recorded many meetings between the Takfiri groups’ leadership and the mercenary leaders in Marib and meetings between Takfiri leaders with the representative of the aggressive forces in Marib who visited the sites of these groups to oversee the disbursement of money and store shipments of weapons.

The security source commented on the contents of the documents by saying, “The battles of the Armed Forces and security within the geographical location of the takfiri groups are failing the last chapters of the aggressive forces’ scheme to occupy Al-Bayda and open a front towards the capital, Sana’a.”

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