Overthrow of Al- Bayda Emirate Major Blow to ’Terrorism’, Saudi-led Aggression

The heroes of the Army and Popular Committees have recently achieved a legendary and an epic victory in cleansing Bayda province of Takfiri individuals and amputated one of the most important arms of the US-Saudi aggression existing in a vast area. Like the previous military operations carried out by the Army and Popular Committees, they also achieved a victory in Bayda’s battle – which proved the qualitative military operations of Yemen’s military institutions. It reflected the force of the Army and Popular Committees in paralyzing the capabilities of the aggression and its Takfiri groups.


Despite the military support provided by the aggression to its takfiri groups, its attempts, as usual, were unsuccessful. The strength of the Army and Committees liberated 1,000 square meters and defeated and purified the takfiri individuals in the area of Wald Rabee and other neighboring areas in the province. More than 250 Takfiri militants were killed, wounded and arrested, in addition, 12 military camps were cleared in the province.


Military analysts describe this military operation as a strategic achievement in moving battlefields on the ground for the benefit of the Army and Popular Committees in a new way to liberate more occupied areas and eliminate the arms and tools of the US aggression. Moreover, ending the movements of ISIS and al-Qaeda after their presence in these areas and stopping infiltration into different areas to implement the plans of the US-Saudi aggression.


While the aggression is fighting desperately in carrying out its raids on Yemeni provinces and committing crimes against the innocent civilians, it has become a whip for the aggression forces and also become a living witness to their end in the face of the steadfastness and awareness of the Yemeni people who preserve its identity and its rejection of dependency and guardianship projects.

Despite the destruction and the catastrophic repercussions caused by the aggression on the Yemeni people, the people’s steadfastness, cohesion and gathering around the Army and Popular Committees increases day after day in the face of the aggression, and in smashing its tools in strategic military sites where the aggression was betting on marching towards the capital Sanaa. For six years, the heroes of Yemen have destroyed the dreams of the evil and criminal aggression and inflicted successive defeats to armies made of thousands of mercenaries, Takfiri, and various formations of agents and traitors.


The successive victory achieved by the heroes of the Army and Popular Committees represents a nightmare of the enemy which is living in a state of confusion and failure in the light of the military gain in various strategic fronts. The Army and Popular Committees are moving to liberate the Yemeni land from the filth of invaders and occupiers.


Observers believe that these victories represent new messages for the aggression and a sign of its failure. Saudi Arabia and the UAE should rush to gather their tools and leave Yemen. Furthermore drawing lessons from defeats; and wining indicators of the army and popular committees on the battlefields.

Source: al-Masirah.net

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