Yemeni official confirms Yemeni deterrent force against invaders

The deterrent force of the Yemeni army would force invaders and occupiers to leave the Yemeni land,
Minister of Defense, Major General Mohammad Nasser Al-Atifi, said on Monday

The Yemeni land doesn’t accept on its soil the invaders and occupiers through the paths of ancient and modern history,Al-Atifi affirmed in his speech in front of the fighters in al-Khanjar of Khab Washaf district of Jawf

He added,”our Yemeni people today do have the factors of strength and triumph to defeat the new invaders and to inflict crushing defeats on the occupiers, but also to make Yemen a power and actor at the regional level.”

The minister renewed that “there is no truce with the Saudi-led aggression coalition that seeks to impose its occupation and despicable invasion’s reality, stressing continuing confrontation, fighting and managing battles against the enemy.”

Al-Atifi called on the forces of invasion and occupation to leave the Yemeni land, saying, “Our people and their armed forces are determined with full confidence and prepared to move to comprehensive strategic options in land, sea and air to force the invaders to the humiliating departure.”

“We promise the Yemeni people, that occupiers will not remain on the Yemeni soil,” he added.


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