Arab League of dire situation warned: Yemeni Official

Hisham Sharaf, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, , called on the Arab League to wake up from the dire situation, which is currently experienced.

He warned that deep lethargy will inevitably lead to a complete collapse of the Arab League. It deviated from the noble goals which it was established for, most notably confronting the Zionist and its supporters in the Arab region.

The Arab League and its Secretary General have been exposed since March 26, 2015 as a result of turning a blind eye and justifying the military aggression and the comprehensive siege against Yemeni people, despite the gross and inhuman violations, he explained.

It acts as if it were a regional political club of the wealthy countries of the Arab region and those who pump money, instead of carrying out the Arab League’s tasks, , the foreign minister said.

” The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States and his crew were used as spokespeople repeating the statements of the countries that attack the Yemeni people and besiege their borders, sea and air ports.”, he added.

“The last chance for the Arab League and its General Secretariat was losen recently by rejecting the Palestinian Authority’s request to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the issue of normalizing the UAE with the Zionist entity.”, the foreign minister affirmed.


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